Well served, well stocked and comfortably convenient.

The Mobile Store Program features our Shoemobiles — first implemented by Mister Safety Shoes over forty years ago— and delivers on-site service, trained safety footwear experts and hundreds of styles of safety shoes and boots right for your business.

What could be better for your workers? We come to them, at your workplace. Our convenient and spacious mobile showrooms are fully stocked with major brands in all popular sizes. Our drivers are safety footwear experts, trained and experienced to provide a proper fit and recommend the right footwear for your employees. We can even tailor our footwear selection to the needs of your industry, your business and your employees.

Mister Safety Shoes truck

Clean, modern and well equipped

We’re happy to provide your employees with the ease and convenience of scheduled, onsite service. We know this can be an effective way of ensuring footwear safety compliance – plus, it’s a nice benefit for a busy employee.

Integrated with our Etrac Portal

No paperwork. No fuss. Our mobile experts can access your online account and fulfill your workers’ requests based on the parameters you provide us. Compliance is automated.

Simply call us today at 1-800-707-0051 or request more information using a form below

The Most Convenient Safety Footwear Program for Your Business:

  • FREE set-up and service
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Worry-free eTrac administration
  • Shoemobile service, right to your business
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